Frequently Asked Questions

This is the initial launch of our Psychology Connect service for licensed psychologists. Please email with suggestions for improvement or additional questions about this service.

Can I send or accept a referral on Psychology Connect right now?  

Not right now. Before Psychology Connect can be used to send or accept referrals, we need thousands of licensed psychologists across the country to sign up for this free public service, especially in rural and traditionally underserved areas. We hope to gather enough participating licensed psychologists to debut the Psychology Connect referral matching system later this fall. Please encourage your colleagues who are licensed psychologists to sign up for free today.   

Is this site and the referral matching process only for licensed psychologists in the United States?  
Yes, Psychology Connect is currently only for licensed psychologists in the United States.  

Is this site only for National Register members?  

No, we welcome all licensed psychologists in the United States to make or accept referrals through this site. We believe the barriers that consumers face to access psychological care have reached a crisis point. We also know that psychologists are still relying far too heavily on antiquated methods to try to match patients to willing providers. Psychology Connect is a free public service from the National Register aimed at making and accepting referrals more efficient.      

Is there any cost to send or accept a referral?  

No, this is a free public service. National Register members already have access to Psychology Connect (though they must select the ‘Psychology Connect’ tab in their National Register account to accept referrals). Non-members must create an account at and complete the Psychology Connect tab to make or accept referrals. 

I received a referral email. What next?  
Review the characteristics sought, and if your expertise and experience look like the right fit, reach out to the referring psychologist by phone or email. Remember to check that you and the patient are in the appropriate jurisdiction. 

Am I obligated to accept a referral? 

No. We understand that the capacity to accept new patients fluctuates within a practice, and there are plenty of times when psychologists feel that their expertise and experience does not quite align with patient needs. In either case, it is fine to ignore the request – that is why we send each referral request to up to 10 licensed psychologists.  

Will the National Register sell or share referral data? 

No. The National Register will not share, sell, or otherwise disseminate referral information to external organizations. The only exception is for public service purposes, such as describing general referral trends in a publication.